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Experience Change with Therapy Mission

Local San Dimas therapist - Here to Guide You

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“ Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step”

Mariska Haritay

Therapist-Therapy Mission- Counseling-Anxiety-Trauma
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What To Expect At Your Therapy Visit

Therapy Mission’s goal is to empower and support you in your journey to a better you. Therapy Mission aims to create a comfortable space to allow you to heal, grow, and evolve. Creating a comfortable will allow you to process and express thoughts and feelings and begin your journey to a better self. Therapy can be complex due to bringing awareness to things that we might not have been able to address in the past or that we ignored for such a long time. But, with your commitment, consistency, and support, you will see improvements in your behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and relationships.

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