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Therapy for Anxiety

Helping you take back your life.

Psychologist Session
Anxiety: Welcome

You may have arrived here if because...

You constantly replay situations in your head, and you cannot get out of your mind.

You're finding it difficult to enjoy your relationships and other important events.

You may struggle to relax and slow your thoughts down.

You might feel alone or not understood by your spouse, family, and friends.

You seek support to help you find better coping skills to deal with constant worry and a state of panic.

However you may have arrived here. I'm glad you're here!

Anxiety: Famous Quote

You find it difficult to relax and quiet your thoughts.

You might feel disconnected from your friends, family, and loved ones. Having issues listening and having conversations due to all the thoughts in your mind. You have found yourself isolating and having difficulty seeing your friends and loved ones. You notice that small things people say become bothersome and will linger and affect your whole day. You continue to reanalyze conversations, behaviors, and overthink everything you did when interacting with people.

You feel overwhelmed with all the work and tasks you need to complete making it difficult to relax. You have a difficult time leaving your work at work. Stressful situations, worries, and concerns about your work continue throughout your day, even after you have arrived home. You struggle to relax and enjoy your interactions with friends and family. You're feeling burned out, tired, and exhausted. You have issues quieting your mind at night. After an exhausting day, when you're ready to sleep, you have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. The sleepless nights affect your mood, making you feel like you're not yourself.

If this is you: you need a space where you can fully step away from your responsibilities. A space to express your thoughts and concerns and, learn how to manage your thoughts, and learn positive ways to deal with the overwhelming stress/ worry. 

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Anxiety: About Therapy
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